Humans have walked as long as they can remember. It is in the walking motion I find relief. Not only is hiking my passionate hobby, I dream of walking to Rome in a pilgrimage. And now using my motion of walking it is possible to translate a walk into a drawing.


mijn 24ste verjaardag

Mijn 24ste verjaardag (translation My 24th birthday), A1 pencil on paper


Mijn 24ste verjaardag


During my 28th birthday, I went on a walk from my boathouse to Muiderberg, through Almere Haven ending in Huizen. It was a well deserved present for myself.

een geheime missie in Hoorn


Een geheime missie in Hoorn (tekenplezier), A3 pencil on paper.



zonder titel2

Zonder titel (2), 2 x A3 pencil on paper