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7 dagen van de week

Walking with machines.


The works presented on this domain are created using fully automated kinetic energy powered machines. In other words by moving the machine a motion is captured on paper with the use of pencils. The machines enable me to draw with motion. To not represent motion but to use motion.
Not one drawing is the same. Different machines have different results and different operations have different outcomes. A machine needs to be programmed and a plan of operation needs to be executed. However this does not mean a result is guaranteed.

Everything that moves can be subjected to a machine. A walk, hike, bike ride or a working day. Simply carrying the machine around ensures its productivity. Not only a human can work the machine, for wind and water can also ensure the kinetic energy needed.
How the machine is operated affects the drawing. Every operation is different, a bike ride is more violent than a hike, while a hike has a longer duration.

The drawings are a physical translation of movement. weer een vierdaagse werkweek This movement can become symbolic. “weer een vierdaagse werkweek (translation: again a four-day working week)” is a drawing of me biking to and from my job in the shoeshop during one week.

What happens when I operate a machine while undergoing a pilgrimage on foot to Rome? Will my prayers become visible? What will these abstractions tell me?