The London expedition:


End of November beginning of December it was time to test the walking and drawing statements in the field. During an expedition to London 4 A2 drawings where made using the movement of travel.

The reason for going was a 2 day hike between Ashford, Canterbury and Dover. The via Francigena route starts in Canterbury and goes all the way to Rome. Hopefully I will be able to start the pilgrimage also on the via Francigena. In this sense it was the prologue of the coming Pilgrims journey to Rome.

I would like to thank Laura Luuk and Heysoo for their hospitality and support. The drawing Canterbury Dover is crowdfunded by Hein and Riejet.


Ashford CanterburyLondon Ashford Dover LondonCanterbury Dover London Amsterdam

A2 pencil on paperTop left: Ashford Canterbury on foot. Top right: London-Ashford and Dover-London by coach.

Bottom left: First official route Canterbury Dover. Bottom right: London-Amsterdam